Sunday, 9 August 2015

#RPGaDay 9: Favourite media you wish was an RPG


9: Favourite media you wish was an RPG

On behalf of RPGs in general, I’d like some of the big obvious geeky universes that don’t (currently) have games to get them. The fact that we never got a Harry Potter RPG in its heyday is a real shame as Dave notes although I understand J.K. Rowling’s reasons for not wanting someone else to write sourcebooks and adventures in her world. And the fact that the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t licensed (and the comics universe is currently between licences) is also a bummer. There’s been no official Star Trek game since 2005, which is a whole universe ago. Right now, Destiny seems like an obvious choice, as HALO was before it. And it bugs me that we got a game for Dragon Age but not for Mass Effect. And the time WOTC announced a My Little Pony game line as an April Fool’s joke has me picturing all the money sitting on the table as they left.

For me... the EVE Online RPG would have been nice as I was asked to contribute. ;)

And as mentioned before, YA dystopian SF is crying out for a well-backed game. The Hunger Games is the big hit, but The 100 is probably the most readily game-ified.

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