Monday, 17 August 2015

#RPGaDay 17: Favourite Fantasy RPG


17: Favourite Fantasy RPG

The start of a run of questions about favourite RPGs in various genres. Coming soon: SF, Supers and Horror.

Fantasy as it’s generally defined in RPG terms means “dungeon fantasy” - elves and dwarves and swords and spell lists. This is my least favourite of the four. It’s never really spoken to me, and it’s the baseline from which other RPGs move. The most I’ve ever done with it is WFRP, which is at least partially a satire of that subgenre.

But fantasy also has the far broader meaning of anything with a fantastical premise. SF may not be, Horror might be mundane, but supernatural horror, space opera and Supers are definitely fantasy. Buffy - fantasy. Star Wars - fantasy. Doctor Who - massively fantasy (except when Christopher Bidmead was in charge). Let’s say Buffy is also Supers.

So Star Wars. As formative as Lord Of The Rings and a lot easier to imitate the authorial voice of.

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