Sunday, 12 August 2018

RPG a Day 2018: 12. Wildest character concept?

RPG a Day 2018

12. Wildest character concept?

Hmm. Most superhero games (and close enough like Buffy) encourage these, so from outside those...

A high-level Cyberpunk 2020 series about a corporate troubleshooting team. Two players loaded fairly normal characters with a lot of tech. One went with an artificially created psychic...

And I worked back from the limitations of skillsofts, biochips for plugging in recorded skills, which can only go so high because the sense memory doesn’t match your body’s - so I made a character who could slot in world-class skills because she was secretly one of a family of highly trained specialist clones. And sometimes she’d just send the most appropriate sister for a mission.

I went further with this idea in a Marvel game with a character who could uplink to various specialised bodies, but as noted, that’s superhero gaming for you.

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