Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The 100 Season Five

After I was surprised The 100 came back last year, it’s already been confirmed it’ll be back next year, otherwise I’d be surprised again. It has quite a knack for smashing its setting. May we meet again.

Last year it scorched almost the entire planet, sealing most of the characters away in a bunker and sending the rest to space to wait out the six year nuclear firestorm, apart from our hero Clarke who stayed behind to make sure the space crew got away. And then cut ahead to six years later, and she’s found one other survivor to look after as they live in the one remaining fertile valley on the planet... and then a prison ship arrives to take it.

This year the season Big Bad dropped a bomb on the one remaining fertile valley and everyone else escaped into space, to cryosleep for ten years for Earth to recover.

And it never did.

And so they wake up over a century later, arriving at a new planet.


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