Monday, 13 August 2018

RPG a Day 2018: 13. How your play has evolved

RPG a Day 2018

13. Describe how your play has evolved.

Hopefully it’s changed quite a bit in the previous decades... but I’ve always leaned towards genre emulation, and of late I’ve pushed that further in mechanical and meta ways.

I’ve also adjusted regular game features like the average amount of combat per session - notably the time I ran Buffy in the afternoon and V20 in the evening and threw pretty much all the combat into the Buffy game.

Having gone totally kitchen-sink with Buffy for six years, I now tend to alternate between games with similarly high Weird Levels and ones with much lower ones, like Buffy and V20 again. I often end up saving ideas that won’t fit one for the other - after a year running a military SF game about facing one alien culture, I had half a dozen ideas for adventures too weird for it that went into my plans for a Star Trek game.

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