Thursday, 2 August 2018

Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Edition

Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Edition is out in PDF and physically to Gen Con and some backers. The PDF comes in at 430 pages, including content warning and game safety advice. After the credits and content warning, it starts with an in-character setting chapter (which features the only hint of the old green marble in the book) before moving on to the Camarilla/Anarch setup and its clans.

After the intro section it’s mostly black text on white, with a few pages of white on black or an illustrated background.

A call back to the letter from Dracula. Beckett. Big and small Bloodlines references. A suspicious web address.

A new Tremere weakness again. (The new system means variations for everybody, notably going easier on the Gangrel and Ventrue, but for the Tremere it’s a change rather than just a new edition translation.)

Rules start on page 115. (Not counting clan-specific stuff.)

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Discipline logos!

The Church Of Caine is in there, though just in two passing mentions.

Memoriam, the flashback system gets about four pages.

Mention of a book on how to use the teaching of Golconda to be a better predator, and I’ll be suspicious of any player who wants to try it because it’s called the One True Way.

A chapter on cities, including a section on graffiti, is just one of the sections that might feel more familiar to Requiem fans.

25 Loresheets.

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