Wednesday, 7 November 2018

V5 Anarch and Camarilla

Congratulations to Roger de Camden on becoming Prince of Edinburgh! I’m sure the Toreador and Dunsirns are delighted.

Anarch addresses a lot of subjects mostly in-character, for a feel of the messy unlives of modern vampires all over the world.

Camarilla talks more out-of-character, and goes more into the structure and restructuring of the sect, as well as outside influences like the Church of Caine and a big section on the Second Inquisition. To me it feels like the more broadly useful of the two.

The Banu Haqim and the Ministry (nee Setites) don’t get entire unique Disciplines any more, though they do get special powers and styles. I am cool with this, it always bugged me that all the non-Camarilla clans got their own personal Disciplines.

(Edit: At the time of writing I hadn’t looked closely at the Chechnya section. I don’t think that was a good call.)

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