Thursday, 7 August 2014

City adventures and adventure series

During discussion of Chicago By Night and its supplements for Vampire: The Masquerade getting to Blood Bond, this occurred to me:

It’s a pity that Chicago-set adventures fizzled out soon after, because a series of connected adventures would have made for interesting reading and good game material, like a violent crazy drama series that the PCs are the stars of, and very different from the epic quest model that most RPG adventure series default to.

Of course, each would be based on assumptions about how the previous ones went, which would get hard to manage pretty quickly. “If Lodin died three adventures ago, Modius has been deposed and Neally didn’t go off to become a Sabbat whipping-boy, change X, Y and Z...”

I think it’s a pretty interesting idea, if rather niche. Start with a setting book laying out the major NPCs, and establish where they are likely to go across multiple adventures planned down the line if the PCs don’t change their fates.

All the adventures would have to have some plug-and-play elements and room to be adapted out of the series and for changes made to the series as published - for example, Blood Bond concerns a specific NPC having his existence ruined by a rival, and as noted in the thread could work with several other NPCs in Chicago and environs.

Each adventure would build on the default setting, while hopefully also being useful outside. And after a dozen or so, the city would be a very different place, whatever the PCs chose to do...

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  1. I think they'd be a useful resource and be good for showing people what type of stories work in a particular setting.