Tuesday, 12 August 2014

RPG A Day 12: Old RPG You Still Play / Read


Day 12 Question - Old RPG You Still Play / Read

Not oldest, just an example?

I got a new edition supplement for Advanced Fighting Fantasy a few months ago, but haven’t run it in decades. (And thanks for that stab of nostalgic ennui...)

Call Of Cthulhu was already around when I started, and I’ll get The Unspeakable Oath when it comes out, but again, haven’t played or run since... early 2000s maybe?

Okay, summer 2012 I ran a slight hack of WEG’s Star Wars first edition. That was its 25th anniversary. (The slight hack being DIY advantages and disadvantages, and counting 4s as successes of the D6 dice pool rather than adding all the dice together.) I think one of the players I had was born before the rulebook came out.


  1. I was born in the year the game came out. Early in the year so probably before it game out.