Monday, 18 August 2014

RPG A Day 18: Favourite Game System


Day 18 Question - Favourite Game System

Kinda has to be Storyteller and/or Storytelling really. Specifically when applied to low-powered characters like Kindred in Vampire or Psions in Trinity, as it often gets unwieldy once the number of dice you roll for something you’re good at passes double figures. Below that, it gets out of the way and the dice pool gives a nice probability curve, and the character sheets are easy to read, and it mostly gets out of the way of the game. Favourite variation would, naturally, be Adventure! - which adds some meta to the game with its Dramatic Editing system, but it’s fun meta so I don’t mind.

Favourite specific rule - initiative in Doctor Who: Adventures In Time And Space is ordered based on what you’re doing. Talking goes first, then Running, then Acting - doing anything else - and finally Fighting. A simple idea that captures the show perfectly.