Monday, 11 August 2014

RPG A Day 11: Weirdest RPG Owned


Day 11 Question – Weirdest RPG Owned

All RPGs are weird... from a certain point of view.

Foregoing the purposely weird one-shot games like Violence and Puppetland, there are still games with in-depth tactical systems for playing Watership Down, games about running a fast food delivery service while studying ninjitsu, games about being in high school without monsters to fight, GURPS books for The Prisoner and Riverworld and Horseclans, Ducks in RuneQuest...

Consider what a weird idea Call Of Cthulhu is without the benefit of hindsight. I’m sure I’m not the only person doing #RPGaDay who heard of H.P. Lovecraft through the game. And it’s a game about highly vulnerable characters (generally with no powers or magic weapons or even armour) fighting these obscure monsters. And it’s set in the 1920s!

Or how about Paranoia? It’s a comedy take on 1984 where every PC has six lives and the stories players tell are almost all about how they died.

But okay, my winner here is probably The World Of Tank Girl. Yes, you read that correctly. The World Of Tank Girl. For WEG’s Masterbook. Based on the film rather than the comics. Bought sight unseen. There’s one thing about it I like, which is the character quirks table. And I say this as someone who just Kickstarted the best-of comic. In hardback.

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