Saturday, 30 August 2014

RPG A Day 30: Rarest RPG Owned


Day 30 Question - Rarest RPG Owned

Some pretty darn obscure ones. Some published in a single issue of a magazine. Some very small press. The Dragonmeet 2002 game-in-a-day Incarnate, which was never quite actually published.

But for rarity of something that could have been mainstream, that I picked up in a high street John Menzies book department near the Fighting Fantasy types it imitated: Monster Horrorshow.

It features a slightly more complex gamebook-style system, has monsters drawn from Celtic mythology, spends about the last third of the book on a great big one-use adventure, and insists on calling the GM “Werewizard”.

But it features some great GM advice.

There’s this golden rule:

And it also discusses player psychology, mixing genres (a horror game in modern-day Madrid will stick out more than one in 19th century Transylvania...) and the sample adventure has one of the PCs become a werewolf... and advises picking the smartest player who will make this work.

I’ve never run it in a quarter-century of owning it, and likely never will. But I still value it.

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